Outpace and Outperform your Competitors - with a unique service for your unique needs.

You may have a great idea, product or service but the real need is to make sure they reach the right people at the right time and through the right channels. That’s what we are all about. We create powerful buzz around your brand (the lightning bug hug as we like to call it) through multiple online and offline platforms so that people will not only know about you but also keep coming back to you. Whether you want to generate leads, popularize your brand or have any kind of promotional need, we are your reliable, results-driven go-to-guys. We execute every engagement with creativity, consistency and cost-efficiency.


1. One-stop shop: Everything you need to promote your product or service is what we offer under one umbrella.
2. Personalization: We know that every client’s need is unique and different, so we tailor our services to best suit you and your needs.
3. Flexible pricing: We understand all about big ideas and small budgets, and that’s why we work out ways to work things to your best advantage.
4. Top talent: We work with remarkable people who are smart, fast and go the extra mile in making you happy.
5. Quality: We give every project the best that we have got so that each time there is excellence in ideation and execution.

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